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Welcome to the Witchipedia. Whether you call yourself a newbie, a baby witch, a seeker, an acolyte or just a beginner, you are welcome! I understand the getting started in witchcraft, magic and the occult can be overwhelming. Where do you begin? The Witchipedia is a wonderful resource, but it’s Just. So. Much. So, I have put together this handy getting started guide.

How to get started

  1. Start a journal. It does not have to be fancy. You can use it to keep notes on what you learn, as well as observations of your environment, your feelings about things, behaviors you observe in others, your dreams, etc. You can draw in it, paste pictures and articles you like into it. Or just write in it. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You don’t need to worry about your Book of Shadows right now, but this journal will eventually be a part of it.
  2. Meditate. Daily. Learn to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment.  You will use this in magic one day. It will help you know yourself (Witch Skill #1 Know Yourself) and focus your energy as well as segue into things like divination lucid dreaming and astral projection.
  3. Observe the world around you. Don’t worry right now about what they did 1000 years ago on another continent. Learn about your immediate environment. Identify the plants, birds, and other life in your own yard and get to know them. Go to your local historical places, cemeteries, monuments, even churches, and spend some time in them. Note how they make you feel and the effect they have on others. This helps you learn about energy, how it affects you, how you can affect it and how it flows. This is a basic skill for spellwork.
  4. Observe natural cycles. Again, don’t worry about what they did 1000 years ago on another continent. Take note of the changing of the seasons and how they are marked in your own community. Take part in those celebrations. Tend a garden, take regular nature walks, and observe the changes in the scenery. Mark the full moon and the new moon. How you do it is not as important as just doing it. If it is helpful to you, you can join our Virtual Circles on the Discord group. But you can create a simple ritual to do on your own. Light a candle and meditate. Take a moonlit walk. Play some music and dance. Pray. Choose a way to mark the full and/or new moon and just do the same thing each month. It need not take more than a few minutes. This helps you be in tune with the cycles of the universe to plan your own activities in harmony and increase your magical success.

Connecting with the Community

We have a number of Facebook groups, including Witchipedia’s Introduction to Magick and Witchcraft, Theory and Practice. You can also get answers to your questions, weekly chats, and information on our Discord Server.

In addition, you are invited to join our other Facebook groups:

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Recommended Reading

In beginning your magical practice, it is important to read from a wide variety of sources. These are a few to get you started and provide you with a solid foundation to grow from. I have purposely chosen a somewhat broad range of perspectives, but not too broad, so as not to confuse. Many of these are considered foundational works.

Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn

Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler

Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton

Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religion by River and Joyce Higginbotham

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham

Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland

Spiral Dance by Starhawk

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Medicinal Herbs by Rosemary Gladstar

The Herb Book by John Lust

These books are available in many forms, including e-books, hardcovers, and softcovers at a variety of price points. If you are offered free PDFs of any of these books, they are probably pirated. Piracy is theft. Do not accept free copyrighted books and report piracy when you see it. Authors deserve to get paid for their work.

You can find many free and legal out of copyright books at

Other Good Online Resources

Circle Sanctuary

Witch School

ADF Druidry




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