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Who is a Solitary Witch

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By Morningbird

A solitary witch is one who practices alone, without a coven or circle either by choice or necessity.

Why Would a Witch Pick this Path?

A witch may be forced to work alone due to geography or physical disability may hinder their ability to meet with other witches, thus necessitating their solitary practice.

Or a witch may decide to practice alone because they find their magick is more satisfying, practical, or effective worked alone.

Negative preconceptions or unpleasant past contacts with other witches may also contribute to a witch’s choice to work alone.

There are degrees of solitary. Solitary witches may or may not choose to meet with other witches for special occasions or social gatherings.

The term solitary witch is occasionally shortened to “solitary” or “solitaire”.


Written by Morningbird & Witchipedia Team

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