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Magickal Gardening: its Purpose & Useful Tips


By Morningbird

Gardening is a magical and spiritual activity for people of many different paths and is an especially rewarding pass time for Kitchen WitchesGreen WitchesHedge Witches and followers of Earth-Based Spirituality.

What is the Purpose of Magical Gardening?

Gardening can be a meditative practice and it also helps us get in touch with the cycles of the Earth. By following your garden’s cycles, rather than the traditional Wheel-of-the-Year, your practice will become more in tune with the energies of your local region.

The ancient practices we wish to emulate were not based on a calendar created in a foreign local or a worldwide tradition but entirely on the seasons and cycles that the ancients experienced.

Organic gardening methods rather than the chemical methods favored by many landscaping companies will further this connection.

This does not mean you have to go out of your way (and exceed your budget) to buy organic seeds and certified organic compost, etc., unless you plan to sell produce as certified organic.

But using natural methods instead of synthetic methods will ensure that you, your pets and your family aren’t exposed to chemical toxins (although natural toxins exist and you should take care not to absorb toxins from your plants as well.) and the more natural your methods, the more natural the cycles of your garden will be.

Informatio for Gardeners

Some gardening techniques are more magickal than others. Many magickal gardeners like to use biodynamic gardening techniques and plant according to the phases of the moon.

These techniques can be daunting to master, but the Farmer’s Almanac does all the work for you and will tell you when the best days are for all of your gardening tasks. By following it, you’ll soon learn the rhythm. Gardening by the Moon has lots of information and beautiful calendars.

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Written by Morningbird & Witchipedia Team

I have been practicing magick alone and with family and friends for over 30 years. As a founder and lead writer on Witchipedia, I’ve been publishing articles since 2006.

It is our mission to provide the most accurate Pagan, occult and magical information.

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