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What is the Visualization in Magick

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By Morningbird

Visualization is a meditative technique by which a magic-user formulates his desired magickal result in his mind’s eye.

It is extremely useful for ensuring spell success but has many mundane applications.

Many books and teachers in the leadership and self-help arenas encourage positive visualization as a tool for helping to achieve goals and changes in one’s self.

Visualization in Magick

Visualization is an important step between thought and conception. It is like a blueprint for your magical goals detailing exactly what it is you wish to achieve. Indeed many find it helpful to sketch or paint or otherwise create a physical representation of their visualization.

It is best when visualizing a goal that you visualize the final outcome, not the baby steps along the way. There are undoubtedly many potential paths to your goal and it is often best to let the Universe send you along the one of least resistance rather than allowing the human tendency to over complicate things take over.

Those who find they have difficulty with this important magical skill are encouraged to practice visualizing simple objects: Examine an object carefully.

Note its color, texture, the way the light plays off of it, its smell, taste it if it is edible. Then put the object down, close your eyes, and recreate this object in your mind’s eye.

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