Glossary of Magical Terms



By Morningbird

Spirit is non-physical, energetic consciousness.

1. The word Spirit is often used to describe the collective energetic consciousness of the universe. For example, someone might say “I appeal to Spirit to help me solve this problem” implying not a specific entity, but the overarching Spirit of the universe.

2. The spirit of a living thing is the energetic part of them. We are generally not conscious of this part though many magic users seek to engage with it. Some believe that our unconscious selves can communicate with our energetic selves readily and that our energetic or spirit-selves can easily communicate with those of others giving rise to empathic and psychic abilities and just general “gut intuition” feelings about people.

3. A spirit or a spirit being is a conscious, energetic being. It may or may not be intelligent. It may be benevolent, malevolent or indifferent. A spirit may have come into being on a spiritual or energetic level, or it may once have been part of a physical being that has since died and decayed. Spirit beings are generally immortal, as they are energetic and thus cannot be destroyed. They are not necessarily wiser or more powerful than physical beings, though they have greater potential for wisdom and power because of their greater potential for experience and their direct connection to the energy of the Universe or Spirit according to the #1 definition above. Many magic-users engage spirits in their magical work in various ways.

4. Distilled liquor is often called spirits. The spirit being the Same-ness and connection of living things, all living plant matter contains sugar, which can be fermented and then distilled into alcohol. Thus, alcohol is the “spirit” of the plant. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

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