Psychic Attack

A psychic attack is a thought form powered by powerful negative emotions directed at you that can alter your personal energetic vibration resulting in emotional, mental, spiritual and physical disturbance, unease or discomfort. A psychic attack may be intentional or entirely unintentional and unconscious, however, it is an attack. If you are the victim of a psychic attack, someone has malicious intent toward you, even if they are unaware that they have affected you psychically.

Symptoms of psychic attack generally manifest as general malaise and bad luck, lack of energy and inspiration, feelings of anxiety, nightmares and night terrors, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, body and muscle aches, weakness and, in severe cases, skin lesions. These can also be signs of serious physical and mental illness and should be evaluated by a medical professional and mundane treatment sought as enthusiastically as spiritual treatment.

The source of the attack is usually someone close to the target with whom they have regular interaction, though it can come from a single negative interaction with a stranger.

A psychic attack is a type of curse.

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