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What is Masculine Energy: a Forward-Moving Energy


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When something is said to be masculine in nature or to present masculine energy in the metaphysical sense, it is being described as an active, forward-moving energy. It is aggressive; it doesn’t just accept what comes but imposes its will.

Symbolic Meaning

Masculine energy tends to focus more on the spiritual or mental aspects of things. The bright white Yang symbolizes masculine energy in the Yin-Yang polarity.

In Astrology, the fire and air signs are considered masculine.

In magick, masculine energy and in some cases the male image represents the ego, the conscious, logical mind.

In herbal lore, masculine energy usually refers to the action of the herb. Those herbs that have active, penetrating action are classified as masculine.

Sometimes, however, herbs are categorized according to their appearance so an herb that is phallic in shape may be classified as masculine, regardless of its action.

Herbs Identified with Masculine Energy

  • Agrimony, 
  • Allspice, 
  • Almond, 
  • Anise, 
  • Arnica, 
  • Basil, 
  • Bay Laurel,
  • Betony,
  • Chestnut,
  • Chrysanthemum,
  • Cloves,
  • Dandelion,
  • Eyebright,
  • Feverfew,
  • Garlic,
  • Hawthorn,
  • Hazel,
  • Holly,
  • Hyssop,
  • Magic Mushroom,
  • Mandrake,
  • Mistletoe,
  • Nettle,
  • Nutmeg,
  • Okra,
  • Olive,
  • Parsley,
  • Southernwood

Crystals and Minerals Identified with Masculine Energy


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