Lunar Deities

Lunar deities are Gods who are primary concerned with the moon. These deities are often associated with other things commonly associated with the moon, such as cycles, water and magic. While Western tradition often sees the Moon as female, there are male lunar deities honored throughout the world as well.

Some Witches honor Lunar deities exclusively, and the well-known triad of Maiden, Mother and Crone tend to be associated with the phases of the moon.


Selene (suh LEE nee) Σελήνη is the ancient Greek Titan Goddess and personification of the Moon. Selene drives her chariot ...
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Thoth is the ancient Egyptian God of writing and knowledge. He provided the gift of hieroglyphic writing to the people ...
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In Hellenic Lore, ''Artemis'' was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. She was the ...
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