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What is Hard Polytheism: Many Gods, Each Distinct


By Morningbird

Hard polytheism is the belief that there are many Gods and each is a distinct being with an existence separate from the other Gods, each with their own unique personality. This contrasts with ideas that the many Gods are aspects of a singular God or metaphorical constructs.

Hard polytheists also generally believe that Gods of different pantheons are different beings, rejecting the idea that all Gods with the same sphere of influence are the same God with a different name in a different place.

There are occasions where a hard polytheist may find an exception to these rules, particularly the second when there is good reason to believe that a new group of people adopted a specific God’s worship and the name translated to their local language, but this would be determined on a case by case basis and not all hard polytheists would agree.

Contrast soft polytheism.

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