Gem Elixir

A gem elixir, or crystal elixir is an elixir created using one or more gemstone or mineral. The essence of the crystal is absorbed into a medium such as water or oil and the elixir is then used for therapeutic or magical purposes. A crystal’s vibration is believed to be easily transferred to water. This charged water can then be programmed to a specific purpose that aligns with the crystal’s vibrations or used as-is to get the general benefits of the crystal. This base elixir is call the Mother Essence and it can be combined with other elixirs for a combined or complementary effects.

Using a Gem Elixir
A gem elixir can be taken internally by putting seven (or so) drops of the elixir on your tongue while focusing your mind on its therapeutic or magical drawing effects.

A few drops of a gem elixir may be added to food or beverage to bring its effects to a magical meal.

A gem elixir may be used to asperge a person, area or object to bring its energetic effects to these. A few drops may be added to blessed water used for this purpose in ritual or it may be used directly.

A few drops of a gem elixir may be added to bathwater.

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