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What is an Elixir: a Magical Potion


By Morningbird

An elixir is a magical potion designed to bring about transformation or a medical potion designed to bring about healthy change over a long period of time.

Elixirs may produce drawing magic, the ingredients designed to attract certain energies to the person who ingests them though most elixirs are designed to bring about change in the person’s own body, mind or spirit.

Elixirs usually contain a combination of herbs, often in an alcohol base, and may also contain minerals or they may be created using the essences of herbs and crystals. Certain stones or metals may be powdered and added to elixirs to include their bring their alchemical properties to the concoction, but this is a very dangerous practice as many of these are toxic and the human body was not designed to process stones.

Many modern alchemists and magicians will simply place a stone or piece of metal in the elixir for some time and then remove it before consuming it.

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