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What is an Aura & Why is it Important

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By Morningbird

The aura is a subtle luminescence that surrounds all objects hinting at the energy contained within.

Why Aura Matters?

With training, individuals can learn to see auras and “read” them, using their brightness, color, and consistency to learn about health, mood, and personality.

Some believe that the aura provides some protection against psychic attack while others believe that the aura is something of an energy overflow, that is, the energy that doesn’t fit inside hovers around the outside in the form of an aura.

The belief also exists that both ideas are true. Either way, the brightness of the aura is believed to be directly related to the spiritual strength and health of its owner and, as the spirit, mind, and body are tightly connected, his or her physical and mental health and strength as well.

Belief in auras transcends culture and many holy men and women of cultures all over the world are depicted with an aura around their bodies or their heads to indicate the power of their spirit.

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