Aether: The Fifth Element or Quintessence

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Aether is the fifth element or quintessence described by ancient philosophers to explain natural phenomena that were beyond what could be explained using the four physical elements, earthairfire, and water.

Aether is the substance that populates the space outside the celestial sphere, including the realm of the Gods. It is like air, but divine, the “air” that the Gods breathe and also the substance through which light travels.

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3 thoughts on “Aether: The Fifth Element or Quintessence”

    • Aether has been personified as the pre-titan primordial God of the blue sky and its light and it is also often associated with the Titaness Theia.

    • Yes, what we call Aether or the fifth element is simply one name for the same Force. In my world, Aether was known as the goddess Spatiel. It is the meeting place of the four basic elements, combining them in various ways, while also being an unseen force beyond the physical world, as well as the bridge to the higher elements.


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