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Scrying Glass


By Morningbird

A scrying glass is a mirror that is used as a focal point for scrying or to encourage clairvoyance. The mirror may be a typical reflective, silver-colored mirror, but very often it is black and is referred to as a black mirror. A scrying glass may also be called a seeing-eye glass, a magic mirror, or a black mirror. The surface may be made of glass or highly polished metal or some reflective stone. I have seen a silver platter used quite effectively and Nostradamus is reported to have had a scrying glass of black obsidian. Occasionally, a crystal sphere used for divination is referred to as a scrying glass.

To use a scrying glass, the practitioner gazes into the mirror, usually off-center, at an angle, or at the reflection of another object in the mirror, such as the moon or a candle. As she gazes, she falls into a light meditative state and this allows her to “see” images for the purposes of divination. Some report that the images appear in the mirror; either the “real” reflection is obscured by the images, or the “real” reflection morphs into the images. But most report that the images appear in their minds. These may also be associated with other sensory information, such as words and other sounds, scents and feelings of warmth or cold, but the information received is usually strictly visual.

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