What is a Pendulum & How it’s Used


By Morningbird

A pendulum is a weight, (often a ring, coin, a needle, a conical piece of stone, metal or wood or indeed any pendant will do), affixed to the end of a cord or chain that is used for divination or dowsing. The pendulum is generally dangled and observed. The nature of the swinging of the pendulum gives the user the answer to their questions.

How it’s Pendulum used?

Often, a pendulum is used to answer yes or no questions. To establish initial communication, a series of questions are asked of the pendulum, the answers to which the questioner already knows and the pendulum responses are observed. Or, the questioner may ask “How will you swing to indicate yes?” or similar, etc.

Some people create a pendulum board with Yes or No, or perhaps different answers in a circle and read the pendulum by hanging it over the center of the board and observing which marks the pendulum swings over.

When trying to make a decision, a list of choices can be written down and the pendulum hung over each line in turn to determine which is the right choice.

Alternative uses

When trying to find a lost object, a pendulum can be dangled over a map or the sketch of the layout of a building to determine the location of the object.

One of the most common uses of the pendulum is to predict the birth of a child by swinging the pendulum over the belly of a pregnant woman. If it swings in a straight line, it’s a boy. If it swings in a circle, it’s a girl.

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