Divination, Glossary of Magical Terms



By Morningbird

Divination is the metaphysical work of finding the truth of an issue by using symbols and objects to interpret messages from the collective unconscious or from communication with spirit beings.

Many magic-users perform divination before performing a spell or other magical work in order to receive guidance as to how best to proceed and some will perform divination afterward to predict how successful the spell was.

Many Pagan groups will also perform divination after a ceremony or ritual to ensure that it was pleasing to the Gods.

Divination is often done with the use of tools, such as a scrying glass a dowsing rod, tarot or Lenormand cards, runes or I Ching.

Some perform divination simply through deep meditation to connect to a spirit guide while others channel the information through their own minds.

Whether or not physical tools are used, the most important divinatory skill is the ability to still the mind to allow meanings to come through without judgment.

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