Who is Nephthys: Egyptian Protectress of the Dead


By Morningbird

Nephthys is the ancient Egyptian protectress of the dead, sister of Isis and Osiris, wife of Seth and mother of Anubis. Her name means “Lady of the Mansion”.

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1 thought on “Who is Nephthys: Egyptian Protectress of the Dead”

  1. As Seth’s sister-wife, Nephtys lived in the barren desert with Seth, apart from Osiris and Isis. However ambitious cruel Seth may have been, it doesn’t seem that Nephtys shared his thirst for power. (In other words, she was no Lady Macbeth.) After Osiris is dismembered and his body parts strewn hither and yon, she helped her sister Isis first search for and then (mostly) reassemble Osiris. Perhaps this is why she became noted as protector of the dead? I wonder what her status (claim to fame) was previous to Osiris’ death. Also, once Osiris becomes ruler of the underworld, does she become his consort in the land of the dead, thus displacing Isis?


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