Mars, Roman God of War


By Morningbird

Mars was the Tutelary God of ancient Rome, the Roman God of war, and one of the most important Gods in ancient Rome, second only to his father Jupiter.

The month of March is named for Him and His feast days are Feriae Marti on March 1st and Armilustrium on October 19


Mars is the son of Juno and Jupiter. His wife is the warrior Goddess Bellona and his lover is Venus, Goddess of love. He is said to be the father of Romulus the legendary father of Rome and thus the ancestor of all Romans.

Mars was called Mavōrs in some poetry (Virgil VIII, 630), and Mamers was his Oscan name. He was also known as MarmorMarmar and Maris.

As the Roman Empire spread, it conquered many peoples and replaced or fused their Gods with their own.

Some of these included The Celtic deities Alator, Toutatis, Belatu-Cadros, Braciaca, Camulus, Cocidius Condatis, Lenus, Loucetius, Mullo, Nodens, Ocelus, Olloudius, Segomo, Visucius, Vorocius

He is also associated with the Greek God Ares and the Norse God Tyr.

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