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Goddess Heqet: Who is She, Family, & Associations


By Morningbird

Heqet (Or Heket, Hekit, Hequat) is the ancient Egyptian frog Goddess of fertility. She is imaged as a frog, a frog-headed woman or a frog at the end of a phallus. She is the wife of Khnum and is associated with the flooding of the Nile. it is Heqet who breathes life into a newborn baby.

Some claim that Her priestesses were trained in midwifery, though there is scant evidence of such. Women wore amulets of a frog sitting on a lotus during the last stages of pregnancy to encourage Her blessings.

She was closely associated with the story of Horus’s birth and Osiris’s resurrection and is sometimes seen as an aspect of Isis.

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