Earth Mother

Many Pagan traditions honor a Mother Goddess as Earth Mother who is often the head or primary Goddess of the Pantheon. Often the Earth Mother is wed to a Sky Father creating a divine duality, but She may stand alone or have many consorts. Sometimes the Earth Mother is more of a background influence, rather than a ruler among the Gods. In this case, She is still often the mother of many, if not all, of the other Gods imposing Her rule quietly from the background. In any case, the Earth Mother is often seen as a provider of all things for everyone with the power to give and take away. Some see the Earth Mother as more benevolent, willing to give until there is nothing left for Her, while others see Her is a much more strict mother punishing the selfish and greedy by withholding her gifts or inflicting the with natural disasters. In some traditions, the Earth Mother gives, but her children or perhaps Her husband do the protection, coming to Her defense to protect those who take advantage of Her giving nature.

Most folks who worship the Earth Mother consider it a sacred duty to live life in an environmentally sensitive way.

While not all Pagan traditions do incorporate a Goddess of this sort into their Pantheon it is very common. The Earth Mother Goddess is called by many different names across traditions and cultures.



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