Who is Atum: Creator God of Egypt


By Morningbird

Atum (or Atem, Tum, Tem, Temu) is the hermaphroditic creator God of Egypt. He is pictured as a man with a double crown. His name means “all” or “perfection” or “the complete one”.

He was the first God to exist on Earth. He rose from the waters of chaos (Nun) and created the rest of the Gods.


The cult of Atum centered in Heliopolis.

Atum created Himself at the beginning of time sitting on a mound in the center of the primordial waters of chaos (Nun). He then created the God Shu  and the Goddess Tefnut either by spitting into or masturbating into the city Heliopolis (then known as Annu) or by ejaculating into His mouth, thus impregnating Himself.

Some stories also state that at this time he had a consort, the Goddess Iusaaset with whom he fathered Shu and Tefnut. She was referred to as His shadow.

Some philosophies consider Atum to be the ‘stuff’ from which we are all made. Everything in existence is Atum’s ka.

In the time of the Old Kingdom, His mythos came to be blended with that of Ra. Atum-Ra was the sun when it set, imaged as an old man. Khepri was the sun rising and Ra the sun as it journeyed across the sky.

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