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But first, because most people who contact me really don’t need to, a few notes:

If you ignore these notes, you will not receive a response from me. At all.

I get dozens and dozens of emails every day. I do not have time to answer all these emails.


Yes, I would be delighted to allow you to advertise your stuff on the Witchipedia, assuming it is a product that directly relates to our content. For example: ritual tools, symbolic jewelry, herbs, seeds, books, curios, magico-religious organizations, and events, or other websites about magick and the occult. Send me an email, tell me what you are advertising, give me a link to your site and I will get back to you. If you just send me an email asking to advertise on my site, I will ignore you. You must be specific.

You can also add the link to your website in the Link Library. I will approve it if it’s relevant, I won’t if it’s not. You don’t need to send me an email.

This is free, but I do accept donations and patronage through Patreon.

No, the Witchipedia is not interested in advertising on your site. I never have. I’m not selling anything.  If you want to put a link on your page to the Witchipedia, that is awesome. Thank you.

Sponsored Posts

I do not understand why people keep contacting me about sponsored posts. Anyone can post an announcement, press release, prose, poetry, spells, whatever on the community page. If it’s relevant, I’ll approve it. It also states very clearly in the Writer’s Guidelines that if you wish to write for the Witchipedia you can link to your own stuff if it relates to the post you made. Isn’t that basically a sponsored post? But um. Free? Would you like to apply to be a writer? Read the Writer’s Guidelines and proceed. Do you want me to write about a certain topic and link it to your page? Sure. If it’s relevant and I’m not already doing something else. Would you like me to include a link to your page in an existing article? I am not going to link your random gardening page just because I write about plants. But if you have something relevant, sure. If you would like to pay me, then send a donation or join my Patreon.

I really don’t want what I write about and how I write about it to be dictated by who is paying me to link to what page.

Errors, mistakes, disagreements

You can comment on any article. You don’t need to contact me directly to do so. You can if you like, but I am not embarrassed by being corrected or questioned in public. I consider public discussion to be educational and that is the whole point. Of course, if the whole site has gone wonky, I hope someone will let me know ASAP!

Questions and Advice

I have provided many means for your to reach out to get advice and to get your questions answered. Please post your questions on our Q&A page or go to our Discord server or one of our groups on Facebook.


I do not write or cast spells for strangers. Not under any circumstance. I work very hard to provide you with everything you need to cast your own spells. Respect my work enough to do so.

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