Wednesday is the fourth day of the week in the United States and the third day just about everywhere else. Wednesday is popularly known as “hump day” as it occurs right in the middle of the work week so when you’ve gotten through Wednesday, you are “over the hump” and halfway to the weekend.

Some languages name the day accordingly. The Czech word Středa and the German word Mittwoch both mean “middle of the week”, although Mittwoch is a Christian-influence replacement for Wodenstang, identical in meaning to its English equivalent. Wednesday comes from Old English meaning “Wodenaz’s Day”. The Swedish equivalent means “Odin’s Day”. Romance languages name Wednesday after the Mercury, for example miércoles in Spanish, mercoledì in Italian, mercredi in French. The Romans called it Dies Mercurii

Wednesday is the planetary day of Mercury, so the planetary hour of Mercury begins at dawn on Wednesday. Any magic supported by the energy of Mercury is supported at this time.

Those who perform daily devotions may choose Wednesday morning as their time to honor Woden, Oden, Mercury or Hermes according to their own tradition.

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