Saturday is the day of Saturn, named Sāturni diēs by the Romans some time before the 2nd century BCE.

Saturday Magick

According to the doctrine of planetary days and planetary hours, Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn, so the first hour of the day, from the moment the sun rises, is also ruled by Saturn, as are the 8th, 16th and 24th planetary hours of the day. These periods present us with the ideal time to perform magick related to the energy of Saturn.

Your efforts may enhanced by this Saturn energy if you are performing spells or other activities related to legal matters and contracts, anything related to binding (Including weddings and handfasting) and separations, hexes, curses and any malediction, especially those that bring about discord, damages reputations or hinders growth, also though, uncrossingbanishing and breaking bad habits, improving work ethic, organization, discipline and self-discipline, gaining authority and power and petitioning and managing relationships with those who have more than you do, invisibility, hidden things, setting and breaking down boundaries and inevitable things like death and taxes.

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