A number of calendars have been used in different times and places. Several different calendars, both modern and ancient, are used by magic-users today to time their spellwork and magickal activities.

The Gregorian Calendar is the modern calendar widely used throughout the world. It was an improvement upon the previously popular Julian Calendar deemed necessary by the Catholic Church to keep Easter in the Spring. Most feast days celebrated by magic users are based on lunar calendars or more complicated astrological calculations, but also have equivalences in the Gregorian Calendar. Many will follow this calendar for the sake of convenience though others reject it as a liturgical tool.

The Julian Calendar was introduced by Julius Ceasar in 45 BCE in response to the confusion of the previous Roman calendar which was very inaccurate and required regular meetings of officials to decide when days should be added or removed to keep the calendar aligned with the seasons.

Wheel Of The Year -Many modern Pagans including Wiccans, Druids, and Heathens use some variation of the Wheel of the Year liturgical calendar. It is based on the agricultural calendar of Western Europe and defines a cycle, of birth/sowing, growth, ripening, decline, death, decay, and rebirth.

Attic Calendar was in use in Athens and its surrounding territories during its most productive period as far as classical literature is concerned (5th & 4th centuries B.C.E.). Although there were several other calendars in use at the time, and at different times throughout history, this one has the most documentation is the one many modern Hellenic Pagans choose to base their liturgical calendar on.

Celtic Tree Calendar, also called the Beth-Luis-Nion Calendar, is a modern calendar based on modern, theoretical interpretations of the Ogham alphabet, or the Celtic Tree Alphabet. Though it is a bit controversial, some Neo-Celtic practitioners base their liturgical operations upon this calendar.

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