The Color Yellow

The color yellow evokes lazy summer days, sipping lemonade under the warm sun, or walking on the beach in bare feet with a warm breeze lifting your hair. Yellow is a warm color and that represents the air element in Wiccan tradition. It is the color of the intellect; of thoughts, communication, creativity, logic and progress.

Wear yellow to be uplifted and to carry the warmth of the sun wherever you go. A yellow raincoat will brighten up a rainy day. Decorate with yellow to bring the sunshine into any dark, dreary room and to inspire a feeling of coziness and create an environment conducive to the amiable exchange of ideas.

Correspondences for the Color Yellow

Element: air
Planet: Sun or Mercury
Direction: East
Number: 3
Chakra: solar plexus
Day: Sunday or Wednesday
Tools: Wand, Sword, Athame
Feng Shui: Uplifting, bright, cheerful, cozy.

The Color Yellow in Magick

  • The color yellow can be brought into your magical workings by using yellow colored candles, a yellow altar cloth
  • yellow crystals and other minerals such as such as amber, aragonite, bowenite, topaz, calcite, citrine, yellow flourite, yellow jasper, or gold or
  • yellow flowers such as calendula, yellow roses, yellow tulips or sunflowers, or perhaps a yellow fruit, such as a lemon.

The energy of the color yellow supports magic related to communication, travel, astral projection, gaining knowledge, increasing understanding, harmony, spirit communication, protection, telepathy, faith, constancy, mental clarity, optimism.

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