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The Color Gold


By Morningbird

The color gold is named for the valuable metal gold. It most often represents the power of the Sun and is related to the element of fire. The color gold can be used to enhance any spell that is associated with Sun energy and adds power to symbols drawn with gold ink or paint or embroidered with gold-colored thread.

Wearing the color gold helps to draw the energy of the Sun and associated benefits including success, prosperity, wealth, attention, enlightenment, popularity. But too much gold can be overwhelming and draw unwanted attention.

Adding the color gold to your household decor invites prosperity, wealth, luck, success and energy to pursue these things into your home and family life. Gold can be overwhelming in the home, however, and should be used primarily as an accent. It looks great on throw pillows and picture frames and as part of a design in upholstery or wall paper.

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