Meaning of the Equal Armed Cross Symbol


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The equal-armed-cross is sometimes called the Greek Cross, Minoan Cross, Celtic Cross, the square cross or the balanced cross. Exactly what it sounds like, this cross is made of two equal lines, crossed at the center. The ends of the lines are often flared.

Meaning of the Equal Armed Cross symbol

This symbol predates Christianity and the Roman tradition of crucifixion. Crosses of this sort have been found far and wide throughout Eurasia and the Americas. We can’t know for sure what the cross symbolized to these disparate cultures, as it surely didn’t mean the same thing to all of them.

Modern Pagans also give this cross many different meanings: The four cardinal directions; the four elements; the union of male and female; as above, so below; the sun; fire; balance.

Similar symbols include: the staff of ApolloBrigid‘s Cross; the Sun cross; Coptic cross

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