Protection Spells

Protection spells are spells designed to protect an individual or a group, an object or an area from harm. Often the specific type of harm: psychic or emotional harm, theft, accidents, etc. is specified but sometimes the spell is much more general. It is important to note that a protection spell is meant to prevent harm or invasion. It is not meant to send away harmful things, that is banishing or to remove energetic conditions that are already a problem, that is uncrossing

Types of Protection Spells

Protection spells can take many forms. They may involve the creation of physical objects, energetic objects or beings or just the manipulation of the energy of the area through visualization or other means.

Amulets and Talismans

Amulets and talismans are items created for specific purposes and protection can be one of these. They work by affecting the energy immediately around them and thus are often carried or worn or placed in a central location or in the entranceway to an area. The main difference between an amulet and a talisman is that the focus of the talisman is on the symbols used to create it. Specific protective symbols are chosen and worked into the piece. The focus of an amulet is primarily the materials used. Items are chosen for their protective energies and worked into the piece. Of course, there is no reason you couldn’t combine these focuses and call the result either an amulet or a talisman or simply a charm, which covers all bases.

Amulets and talismans are used for many purposes, not just for protection. Depending on the materials or symbols used, they could be created for drawing money, love, employment, or whatever. Talismans may also bear symbols (or sigils) designed to attract certain types of spirit being or even specific spirits and these can be utilized for protection and other purposes as well.

Protective symbols for talismans: 

The energy of Mars is generally protective, so the symbol of mars may be use. Mercury is protective for travellers to prevent accidents, lost and stolen luggage, so the symbol for Mercury is also appropriate. 

The pentagram is generally protective, especially against psychic and spiritual intrusion.

Hamsa and eye images are considered protective against the evil eye.

A cross is protective against malignant spirits if you’re belief system says so.

An image of Janus is protective of locations if it is placed on entranceways.

Crossed weapons of any type, especially spears, are symbolic of guardians blocking the way of troublemakers into a place

Shields are obvious protective imagery. 

The eye of Horus is for the protection of the pharaoh, and also against evil in general.

Brigid’s Cross protects the home from lightning and fire.

You can also use sigils and bindrunes to make your own protective symbols

Protective materials and objects:

Iron is considered protective against troublesome spirits, especially the fae.

Smokey quartz is used for protection from negative energy. 

Amethyst helps raise your personal vibrations, strengthening your natural energetic protection.

Labradorite is protective against psychic attack.

Fire Agate offers energetic protection as well as protection from physical injuries and accidents.

Fluorite shields your aura making it difficult to target you with any kind of energetic attack

Hematite reflects negative energies back away from you.

Obsidian is considered protective, especially flint knapped into the shape of an arrow.

Hag stones have long been used for various protective purposes.

Many black or reflective stones and crystals are considered protective. 

Cascarilla protects against unwanted energies and spirits

Lammas bread protects the home.

Some general protection herbs include: Agrimoney, mistletoe, Oak, anything prickly or spicey, cayenne peppers, garlic.

Anything that corresponds to the planetary energy of Mars is generally protective and anything that corresponds to the energy of Mercury is protective for travelers and businesses.

Sharp objects, nails, pins, broken glass, mirrors, horseshoes, dimes, pennies

Evocations and Invocations

One way to protect an individual, location or object is to assign an entity to the job. Saints Medals and spirit talismans may be utilized to bring an entity into service, one may appeal to an angel or a God or a practitioner may create a servitor.

Archangel Michael, protects Christians from the enemies of the church and God.

Saint Joseph protects families.

Saint Catherine protects the unborn and pregnancy. 

Saint Nicholas protects children and sailors.

Saint Francis protects animals.

Saint Chritopher protects travelers and also protects from weather-related harm.

Saint Benedict protects the soul/spirit and also against poison.

Any God you have a relationship with may be called upon for protection. 

Witches Jars

A Witches Jar is a container spell that acts as a protective decoy. Items are placed in the jar to represent the person to be protected along with items that represent that protection; especially things like nails, pins and other sharp objects. The idea is that if a witch casts a spell against the subject of the spell, the spell will go into the jar instead of into the person.


Protective wards may be physical or energetic objects. They are often placed around the boundaries of a property or at the entrances. A ward is usually inscribed with a symbol of protection and it may be written on an object, a rock or a decorative object or, the word may be an invisible, energetic ward drawn in the designated space with the caster’s finger, wand or blade.

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Circles of Protection and Energetic Fields

One of the simplests and most common type of protection spell is a Circle of protection. This is a field of energy that interferes with the passage of different energy into it. The circle is made of the personal energy of the caster to block the entrance of outside energy. Generally, a banishment or cleansing is performed first, to drive out unwanted energy and the Circle erected afterward to seal the banished energy out.  Visualization is used to create the Circle, whether it be a circle around a location or an individual. A Circle around an object or person is usually visualized as a sphere while the Circle enclosing a location is often flat, though it may be visualized as a sphere as well.

Mirror Spell

A mirror spell is a spell designed to reflect harmful energy sent toward you away and back to the sender. Generally, a small mirror is used for this spell. It is charged toward its purpose or told what its job is and placed near the place where the person to be protected sleeps, the reflective surface pointing out and away from the house. It is a good idea to make sure the sun does not directly hit this mirror so as to avoid the possibility of fire. 

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