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Sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum, a type of aluminum oxide. Impurities of different elements give sapphire its color. It may be blue, pink, yellow, green, orange, brown and black or gray. When this mineral is colored red, it is a ruby. There is an orangish pink variety called padparadscha.


The word sapphire comes from the Greek σάπφειρος; sappheiros, meaning ‘blue stone’.

History and Folklore

During Medieval times, sapphire was considered an appropriate gift for a lover. If the lover were unfaithful, the stone would turn pale.

Sapphire is the birthstone for September

Sapphire as a Healing Stone

Sapphire is a good general healing stone to discourage any sort of disease and


encourage physical health.

Wear sapphire on the left hand to strengthen general health and to relieve breathing and heart conditions and neuralgia. It is also helpful for problems with the eyes and any condition that results in the trembling of the limbs.

Sapphire is useful for depression, anger issues and for helping to calm chaotic thoughts.

Sapphire for Magick

The sapphire is a talisman of wisdom. It helps with memory, intuition, inspiration and stimuates a thirst for knowledge. It is a great magic-user’s stone helps protect the wearer from the evil eye and hexes, adds power to any magical working and aids in prophecy.

This stone helps ensure the wearer’s general success in life by keeping away false friends and enemies and attracting friendly people and influences, protecting against slander and gossip, encouraging prudence and sound judgement and helping to develop natural talents.

Element: Water

Blue Sapphire
Planet: Saturn, Chakra: throat
Communication, general healing

Yellow Sapphire
Planet: Jupiter, Chakra: solar plexus
Ambition, confidence

Black Sapphire
Protection and grounding

Star Sapphire
Planet: Saturn
Or Stellar sapphire. This sapphire has all of the properties of a “normal” sapphire but they are enhanced. It is particularly helpful to help one organize chaotic thoughts. It is an excellent focal point for meditation.

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