The word “salt” often references fine crystals of sodium chloride, a common compound which is also present as halite. In chemistry, a salt references an ionic compound formed during the neutralizing reaction when an acid and base are combined. This article references the former.

Salt is essential for life and has been used for food seasoning and preservation since time immemorial. It was an important commodity in the ancient world and remains important today.

Using Salt for Magick

The best type of salt to use for magick and potion-making is pickling salt, sea salt or kosher salt. You could also use one of the many gourmet salts available, though some of these contain additional minerals that bring their own energies. Table salt is perfect for your salt shaker at dinner but often has iodine which may interfere with certain chemical processes (fermentation, for example) and it may also anti-caking agents which may have unexpected results in a solution.

A dish of salt is often used to represent the element Earth on an altar.

Salt may be used to create magical barriers against unwelcome entities. Standing within a circle of salt shields one from attack by these spirits and sprinkling a line of salt on windowsills and doorways prevents then entering the home.

Salt is said to absorb energy. To absorb negative energy in an area, sprinkle salt around the room, then sweep it up and discard it. It is not a good idea to use salt on the ground outside, as it can damage the fertility of the soil. When using salt outside, it is best to place it in dishes.

Salt may also be added to a ritual bath to absorb negative energy surrounding a person. The salt may be added to the water or applied directly to the skin, often mixed with oil for comfort and ease of application. Once the salt has absorbed the negative energy, it is then washed away as the tub is drained.

Some traditions sprinkle salt into their holy water, symbolizing both the waters of the seas and the waters of the womb. This blessed water can be used in a variety of ways for ritual.

See also black salt.

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