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Jet: Folklore, Associations, Healing & Magical Uses

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By Morningbird

Jet is a type of fossilized wood found throughout the world.

History and Folklore

The ancient Greeks wore jet to honor Cybele.

Jet was popular as mourning jewelry worn in the Victorian period. Queen Victoria wore it when she was in mourning for Prince Albert.

Wives have carried jet to protect their sailor husbands ever since the Vikings first set sail.



Jet is considered to be quite protective. Placing a piece of jet to face the outer door of your home or business will keep negative energies away.

The burning of jet is said to banish ghosts, demons, and spirits.

Jet is traditionally set in silver.

Healing and Magickal Uses

Body: Relieves pain. Reduces swelling and inflammation.

Mind: Protects against anxiety. Relieves sorrow and fear. Balances mood swings.

Magick: Protects against psychic vampires. Guards against violence. Protects against nightmares. It can be used to open a doorway to other dimensions.

Care and Cleansing

Suffumigate often to cleanse or use a singing bowl. Bury in the Earth to recharge.

Do not give away once you have worn it as it is said to absorb part of the soul of its owner.

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