Fucsite is Hydrous potassium aluminum silicate. It is green muscovite, a type of mica. Due to its shimmering appearance, it was considered a gift from Iemanja, the Sea Goddess in Brazil.


Angel: Hadakiel
Gods/Goddesses: Iemanja, Gaia, Mary
Chakra: throat, heart
Element: air
Astrological Sign: Libra
Planet: Venus
Tarot: The Empress.

Healing and Magickal Uses

Fuchsite is said to restores energy and the will to live and thus may be helpful in cases of depression. It is also used for conditions of the larynx, throat, and arteries. Fuchsite may be used to bring relief for carpal tunnel syndrome and pain along the spinal column. It can be used to channel herbal remedies for general healing.

The energy of fuchsite encourages teamwork and helps bring about a fun atmosphere as well as a sense of peace and balance. This energy is believed by some to help release people from codependent situations and the tendency for martyrdom.

Fuchsite is useful in prosperity and abundance work especially as it relates to projects involving groups of people working together such as a family or business arrangement. Fuchsite may also be used as a focus for astral projection and for contact with the angelic realm, as well as with faeries, and spirit guides. Carrying fuchsite is thought to improve one’s fortunes generally.

Care and Cleansing

Handle fuchsite carefully as it is very fragile. Do not put it in a singing bowl, wash it with water or use it as an elixir as it tends to flake apart. Recharge your fuchsite under the stars.

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