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Flourite: Folklore, Associations, Healing & Magickal Uses

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By Morningbird

Flourite is Calcium flouride. Cubic, octahedral and rhombododecahedral crystals, and masses found in China, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States.

History and Folklore

Fluorite is a relatively recent discovery and does not have a long line of use by priests and magi.



It creates order from chaos.

Healing and Magickal Uses

Body: Aids the immune and skeletal systems. It helps maintain tooth health. Fights both anorexia and bulimia. Protects against infectious diseases.

Mind: Relieves stress

Magick: Aids focus. Good for protection.

Care and Cleansing

Sunlight will fade fluorite. Do not cleanse with water. Do not use it directly for elixirs. Recharge under the light of the moon

Flourite Toxicity

Flourite is corrosive and can cause skin irritation and damage to the eyes. A mask, gloves and eye protection should be worn if you are shaping or engraving your flourite stones. Good ventilation is also recommended. Wash your hands after handling flourite.

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