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Citrine Stone: Traditions, Associations & Magick


By Morningbird

Citrine is a type of quartz found in Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, and France. It is brown, yellow or orange in color.

Most “citrine” sold in shops is actually heat-treated amethyst or smokey quartz. These are usually much darker in color than natural citrine with a reddish tint. Citrine looks very similar to topaz and may be sold in the place of harder, more expensive stone to the unwary.



Citrine is the birthstone for November and the planetary stone for Virgo. Citrine is sometimes it is used as the birthstone for Sagittarius in place of the more expensive topaz.

Angel: Raphael
Gods/Goddesses: Mercury
Chakra: solar-plexus
Element: air
Planet: Mercury
Sabbat: Lughnassadh or Lammas.


It is said that citrine will never be affected by negative energy and as such, it never needs to be cleansed.

Nicknamed “the success stone”, citrine increases confidence and focus and helps broaden the mind and spark the intellect.

Also nicknamed “the merchant stone”, citrine attracts wealth and abundance. You can keep it in your wallet or cash box to draw more money in.

Citrine is said to work best for those who are generous with their good fortune.

Healing and Magickal Uses


Citrine is said to help remove toxins and it is said to be helpful with issues of the digestive and excretory systems.


Citrine dispels negative thoughts and energy and helps bring about joyful feelings and a joyful atmosphere. It helps to increase self-esteem and focus. Citrine can also be used to dispel nightmares.


Citrine is used for drawing joy, wealth and abundance. Because it is tenaciously positive, it can be used to cleanse other stones.

Care and Cleansing

Sunlight will fade it. However, you can recharge it on Litha by leaving your citrine in a place where it can greet the dawn. Otherwise, leave under holly or ivy plant in the shade.

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