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Linaria genistifolia spp.

Toadflax is a member of the snapdragon family and has its distinctive labiate flowers arranged spire-like on a raceme of many. They are usually yellow with orange throats and a long spur. Toadflax was once a popular cottage garden flower that has since naturalized and become a noxious weed in many areas. There are several varieties of Toadflax that can be found growing wild throughout the United States and Europe.

Toadflax is also called baby snapdragon. Yellow toadflax Linaria vulgaris is sometimes called butter and eggs.


As toadflax is mildly toxic, spreads wildly and is difficult to eradicate once it becomes established, it can become a problem when it takes hold in grazing areas and displaces more nutritious forage plants. Therefore, if you are able to wild-harvest this plant, it is preferable that you do so rather than planting it in your garden.

Harvesting and Storage

Harvest the entire plant just as it is coming into flower.

Magical Attributes

Toadflax is ruled by the planet Mars and the element fire and may be used for general protection and breaking hexes.

Medicinal Attributes

Toadflax is reported to be astringent and was used to stimulate the liver and as a wash or oil infusion for skin problems and hemorrhoids.

Other Uses of Toadflax

Toadflax is reported to be useful in getting rid of flies if boiled in milk and set out where flies are a nuisance.

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