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Almond: Magical & Spiritual Attributes


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Almond is a plant of masculine energy, as most nuts are, and is associated with the planet Mercury and the air element.

Magical and Spiritual Considerations

Almonds can be used in fertility charms worn by women to encourage the male seed to quicken within. Consider also using almond oil as an erotic massage oil for the same purpose.

Almonds and leaves can also be used in charms to draw money or luck. Carry them in your pocket, purse, or wallet (wherever you keep your money) or put them in your piggy bank.

Use almond flowers in hand-fasting rituals and love spells to encourage a lasting and loving union. Almond flowers are also useful to the same effect in adoption rituals.

The wood, flowers, nuts, and leaves of almond trees are useful in rituals for overcoming addiction, especially alcoholism.

Almond oil is an excellent carrier oil for skincare products and excellent for culinary uses as well.

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