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What is a Mojo Bag & Why is it so Special

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By Morningbird

A mojo bag is a small bag containing herbs, stones, runes or other magical items and charged and/or prayed over to serve as an amulet or talisman for luck or protection in Hoodoo tradition.

How to Make One?

The fabric used to create mojo bags is traditionally flannel. Red flannel is popular, but some practitioners choose different colors based on the intention of the bag.

Items placed inside the bag are symbolic of the intention as well as the target and may include herbs, minerals, coins, animal parts, and other symbolic objects, as well as personal items.

Traditionally, an odd number of ingredients are used, from 3 to 13 items.

How to Use a Mojo Bag?

Mojo bags must be activated (or fixed or awakened) using a ritual involving burning candles and anointing it with appropriate oils and prayed over or charged in another way.

Then your mojo bag must be “fed” periodically to keep it active. Mojo bags may be fed with oils, perfumes, alcoholic beverages or bodily fluids.

The subject of the spell must generally carry mojo bags. Specific types of mojo bags may be prescribed to be carried near a specific part of the body.

Similar terms: mojo hand, lucky hand, root bag, conjure bag, trick bag, toby, jomo, gris-gris, wanga

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