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What is a Fire Bowl and What is it Used For?


By Morningbird

A fire bowl is a receptacle for containing a fire. It is usually raised up on a stand, bowl-shaped and open on top. A fire bowl is a useful item for magic-users who wish to incorporate fire into their rituals without building a fire outdoors on the ground.

Small fire bowls can be used on a tabletop while large fire bowls, often marketed as portable fire pits, can be used on the ground or on a patio.

Fire bowls can be used to create atmosphere, for burning incense, resins, aromatic herbs and offerings to the Gods and for burning slips of paper and other small objects as part of spellcasting. Depending on the fuel you use, you can also use it for cooking and roasting marshmallows.

There are many types of fire bowls available. Traditionalists will prefer to use wood or charcoal in their fire bowls, but gas and gel fuel fire bowls are available as are many decorate options to suit your fancy. You will likely find many options in your local home and garden store. Magic stores also carry a variety of small fire bowls with special effects applied to them to assist illusionists in their art.

Many modern witches equate cauldrons with fire bowls, but others shudder at the thought!

Written by Morningbird & Witchipedia Team

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