Planetary Correspondence

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The planetary correspondences could be considered the most important of correspondences. This is because all correspondences begin at the planetary level. All the other correspondences are based on planetary connections.

Below you will find the seven classical planets known to the ancients. For more detail on any of these, please visit their corresponding page.

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JupiterSapphire, TinEagle, Dolphin, HartGains, riches, favor, peace, cooperation, appeasing enemies, dissolving enchantment, recognition, councils
MarsRuby, Garnet, Bloodstone, Diamond/Iron, BrassGentian, Ginger, Mustard, NettlesSword, pentagram, The Tower, horse, bear, wolf, vultureWar, male potency, victory, judgement, submission of enemies, bleeding. Stripping one of rank, barrenness, discord, conflict.
MercuryOpal, Agate/aluminum, mercury hyssop, juniper, betony, carrot, caraway, chervil, chickweed, cinquefoil, mulleinwand, caduceus, octagram, the mind, the-loversGood fortune, gratitude, gain, memory, understanding, divination, dreams. Selfishness, poverty, forgetfulness.
Moonmoonstone, pearl/silver The High Priestess, The Chariot, Bow and Arrow, crab, cat, turtle, sphinx, owlgratitude, friendliness, safe travel, physical health, wealth, protection from enemies. Curses a location, interferes with business/work/vocation
Saturnonyx/leadaconite, alder, apple, ash, asparagus, baneberry, beech, belladonna, bistort, hellebore, blackthorn, comfrey, corn, cypresslapwing, cuttlefish, moleSafety, power, success, positive response to requests, intellect. Causes discord, strips honors, melancholy
Venusturquoise, emerald, sapphire, jade/copperjimsonweed violet rose coltsfoot alder alkanet apple angelica olive sesameThe Heirophant sparrow, dove, swan, girdle, heptagram, pentagrampeace, agreements, cooperation, fertility, joy, love, good fortune. Jealousy, strife, promiscuity.
SunGold, amber, topaz, ruby, diamond, cat's eye, chrysoleth, carbuncleangelica poppy acacia ash sunflower marigold eyebright heliotrope hibiscus st-john-s-wort calendula mistletoelion, hexagram, sparrowhawk, dragon, head, heart, swanRenown, potency, success, fortune. Tyrrany, pride, ambition.

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