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The Color Blue


By Morningbird

The Color Blue

The color blue is the color of both the sky and the sea. It is calming and serene and at the same time mysterious. It is cool and calm and all business, except its most electric shades.

Blue is a great color for the bedroom because it is relaxing or the bathroom because it is soothing. Wearing blue makes you look calm, intelligent and in charge, especially darker shades. Lighter shades are good for sleepwear. Too much blue can evoke feelings of lethargy and sadness.

The color blue symbolizes the sky and the realm of heaven as well as the sea.

Correspondences for the Color Blue

Element: Water
Direction: West
Planet: Neptune, Mercury
Chakra: throat
Deities: Mary Aphrodite
Tools: wand, cauldron, chalice
Tarot: Heirophant, Cups
Stones: azurite, turquoise, blue opal, tanzanite, lapis lazuli, sapphire, aquamarine, blue topaz

The Color Blue in Magick

The energy of the color blue can be added to a magic spell by using a blue altar cloth or other altar decorations, blue candles or blue stones or flowers. The energy of the color blue can be carried with you by wearing blue clothing, a blue crystal or creating an amulet using a blue cloth bag. The color blue can also be used on your altar to represent the element of water.

The color blue is associated with confidence, loyalty, constancy, spiritual commitment, reliability, wisdom, faith, intelligence, heaven, femininity, gentle love, baby boys, employment, the corporate world, guidance, understanding, healing, devotion, sincerity, astral projection, prophetic dreams, protection during sleep, justice, truth.

Haint Blue

Haint blue is a pale, sky blue obtained from the indigo plant combined with milk paint. It is a traditional color for painting porch ceilings in the Southern USA. The tradition seems to have originated with the Gullah/Geechee people who use the color to confuse or deter unfriendly spirits by painting ceilings, windowsills and door jams as well. The color either reminds the haints of the sky, encouraging them to cross over or of water, which they traditionally cannot cross. Or perhaps it works for some other reason altogether.


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