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This is Witchipedia’s online Book of Shadows serving as a reference for all of our visitors.

A book of shadows is a book in which every witch enters personal notes, spiritual or magical experiences, spells, rituals, dreams, interpretations and personal affirmations. You can use your book of shadows however you wish. The more you personalize it, the more you can enhance its energy and boost your magic.

On the first page of your book of shadows, you can document information such as the moon phases, the meaning of candle colors, planetary magic hours, the Wheel of the Year and the related Sabbaths, or your favorite rituals, spells or sigils. After this, you can start journal about your witchy craft and your personal experiences.

In your Book of Shadows, you can write about the spiritual path you have chosen to undertake. Most witches use it as a diary-like documentation about their experiences and thoughts related to their spiritual journey or as a more practical book filled with information about spells and rituals.

‘Grimoire’ is simply the original name of the more modern Book of Shadows. The only difference is that the grimoire is a little bit less personal, instead tending to be a more technical book. A book of shadows records more personal inputs like personal experiences and impressions.

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