What is a Mutable Sign & When do They Happen

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By Morningbird

In astrology, a mutable sign is one that is changeable, adaptable or can be adjusted. Zodiac signs are categorized in a number of ways including by quality.

Zodiac qualities are fixedcardinal and mutable. Mutable signs occur toward the end of a season and symbolize the changes associated with the close of the season.

Mutable Signs and Associations

Each mutable sign is associated with a different element representing how the change comes about.

  • Sagittarius End of Autumn – fire – active change through seeking new knowledge and experiences.
  • Pisces End of Winter – water – change through absorbing information from others taking emotion into account.
  • Gemini End of Spring – air change through collecting and sharing new ideas.
  • Virgo End of Summer – earth change through cleansing, purification, and healing.

All mutable signs are restless, active and proactive and good in a crisis. They may also tend to thrive on drama and chaos.

They are resourceful and use new information well, easily adapting to any new situation. But they often do not have a very firm sense of their own identity.

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