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Origins & Meaning of the word ‘Angel’

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By Morningbird

An angel is a spiritual being of light that serves as a messenger and servant of God in the pantheons of both Abrahamic and Zoroastrian traditions.

Some magic-users of various traditions call upon angels for advice, protection or to help them achieve certain tasks.

The Enochian magick system is based upon communication with angels.

Origin of the word Angel

The word angel comes from the Late Greek ἄγγελος (transl) aggelos meaning “messenger”, which may have been borrowed from Persian ἄγγαρος (transl) ángaros “Mounted courier”.

The original Hebrew writings gave a few names to the divine messengers and servants of God, including מלאך אלהים (transl) mal’āk̠ ‘ĕlōhîm “messenger of God”, מלאך יהוה, mal’āk̠ YHWH “Messenger of YHWH”, בני אלהים , bənē ‘ĕlōhîm “sons of God”, הקודשים, (transl) haqqôd̠əšîm “holy ones”, and later, העליונים hā’elyônîm “the upper ones”.

The idea of a guardian angel appears in Zoroastrian tradition with the Fravashi.

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