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Halloween, Hallowe'en or All Hallows Eve is celebrated on October 31st and is the Eve of the Christian celebration All Saint's Day or All Hallow's Day. Halloween is the first day in the celebration of Allhallowtide, a 3-day celebration for honoring the dead. November 1st is Hallowmas, All Hallows Day ...
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Samhain (pronounced sow en or Sow een) falls halfway between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice. Many witches and Pagans use the modern calendar and celebrate the festival sometime around October 31 through November 2 but others calculate the date astrologically, celebrating the festival when Scorpio is at 15 degrees (Saturday, November ...
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Opal is an amazing stone both magically and mineralogically. Since it doesn't have a crystalline structure, it is not classified as a mineral but a mineraloid. Opal is amorphous and made of hydrous silicon dioxide and can contain up to 21% water, though it usually contains 6%-10%. It is found ...
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The Sun enters Scorpio on or about the 21st day of October and leaves Scorpio on or about the 21st day of November. The new moon during this period will occur in Scorpio. The full moon in Scorpio occurs in April or May when the Sun is in the opposite sign, Taurus. Scorpio is ...
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Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and the largest planet in our solar system. Magick Jupiter influence may be brought into any magical workings related to religion or faith, legal matters, politics, influencing those in authority or increasing authority or power, and fatherhood or patriarchal power or authority ...
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General Information There are many subspecies of this plant, but all work equally well for all magical and healing applications, though taste and texture vary. Blackberries are part of the rose family and have the characteristic flowers, leaves, and thorns similar to those found on wild rose bushes. These shrubs ...
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