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Cupressaceae spp Cypress is the common name for the trees and shrubs in the Cupressaceae family of conifers. Cypress have needle-like leaves when they are young, and scale like leaves when they are older. They produce tight, roundish cones. Many of these cones hold tight to their seeds until they ...
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Chrysanthemum spp Chrysanthemums, often simply called "mums", are the mainstay of the late autumn garden in temperate regions, their colorful pompoms spreading cheer long after the rest of the flowerbed has given up for the year. These hardy mums or garden mums are usually hybrids between C. morifolum and other species. Growing ...
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Boedromion (Βοηδρομιών) is the third month of the attic calendar corresponding roughly to September/October in the Gregorian Calendar beginning at the sighting of the third new moon after the summer solstice. Festivals in Boedromion Greater Eleusinian Mysteries Genesia Democratia ...
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Bloodstone, or heliotrope, is green chalcedony with flecks of red due to the presence of iron oxide. Yellow or red jasper may also be present. It is found in India, Brazil, China, Australia, and the United States. Another name for bloodstone is heliotrope. History and Folklore Christian lore states that the blood of Christ ...
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Black Cohosh

Cimicifuga racemosa AKA Actaea racemosa Other Names Snakeroot, Blacksnake root, Macrotys, Bugbane, Squaw Root, Rattle Root This perennial is a member of the buttercup family and native to the woodlands of North America. It has tall white feathery racemes (flower spikes) and thick knobby roots. The leaves are divided into threes, with ...
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Malus domestica General Information Apples are among the most common fruits eaten in the US and Europe. They grow just about anywhere. There are many varieties; most are small to medium-sized tree. These members of the rosacea family have characteristic five-petaled flowers appear in the spring. The petals are white ...
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