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Second Harvest

The Second Harvest is a generic name for the harvest festivals celebrated on the Autumnal Equinox which are generally the second of three annual harvest festivals in modern Western Pagan liturgical calendars. The First Harvest takes place in early August with Lammas, Lughnassadh and Freyfaxi and the final harvest is ...
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Sardonyx is a type of agate that is red or brown with white bands. Sardonyx is a birthstone for the month of August and Leo. It is a traditional gift for the 7th and 10th wedding anniversary Magical and Healing Properties Sardonyx may be carried or worn to increase personal ...
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Crocus sativus Saffron is harvested from the flowers of the saffron crocus. Each flower has three stigmas, the threads of saffron. It is the most expensive spice in the world. Some sites claim that saffron is $200-300 per ounce. I've seen it at $90 an ounce, but this may not ...
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Calcite occurs in masses, stalactites, scalenohedral and rhombohedral crystals found throughout the world in several color varieties. Healing and Magickal Uses Body: Good for the kidney and pancreas. It helps fight calcium deficiency. Mind: Feel good stone. Good for seeing the bigger picture. Calms and helps fight stress. Magick: Good ...
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Fire Sign

A fire sign is a zodiac sign that corresponds to the element of fire. These signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Fire signs tend to be impulsive and prone to sudden flashes of inspiration. They will pursue their passions with relentless enthusiasm. They are also prone to boredom and frustration and flares of temper ...
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Heliotropium spp Other names: turnsole, cherry pie plant Heliotrope is the common name for many plants of the genus Heliotropium. The name heliotrope comes from the Greek meaning "The sun" and "To turn" because of the plant's perceived habit of turning toward the sun. Some Heliotrope Species Garden heliotrope Heliotropium arborenscans - ...
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