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Alexandrite is a form of chrysoberyl that contains chromium giving it a unique color that changes from yellow, pink, blue or green in natural light to red or reddish-purple in incandescent or firelight. They are among the rarest and most valuable gemstones in the world. According to the lore, Alexandrite was discovered on ...
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Magick is accomplishing change according to one's will using methods beyond the realm of general understanding. The definition of magic(k) is somewhat of a challenge. For some, magick is the science of the impossible. For others, magick is the possibilities beyond science. For some magick exists beyond nature. For others, ...
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Definition of Witchcraft according to Merriam Webster dictionary - The use of sorcery or magic - communication with a devil or familiar - an irresistible influence or fascination - Wicca Practitioners of Witchcraft understand that the definition is much more complicated and detailed than this. The definition of Witchcraft varies ...
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Echinacea spp Other Names Purple coneflower (E. purpurea), pale purple coneflower(E. pallida), Narrow-leaf purple coneflower(E. augustofolia), Kansas ni--erhead, Sampson root, American coneflower, Black Sampson, Black Susan, Comb flower, Hedgehog, Indian Head, Kansas snakeroot, Red sunflower, Rock-up-hat, Scurvy root, Snakeroot General Information Echinacea is a native of North America and can be ...
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