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Leonurus cardiaca Other Names Lion’s tail, heartwort, Agripaume, Herbe battudo, Agripalma, Melissa, salvatica, Aartgespan, Hartgespan, yi mu cao, yakumos Motherwort is an interesting and distinctive member of the mint family (Lamiaceae). It grows on a single, tall square stem decorated from top to bottom with opposite leaves. The leaf shape varies ...
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Marsh mallow

Althea officinalis Names Mallards, Mauls, Schloss Teai, Cheeses, Mortification Koot, mallow, white mallow, common marsh-mallow, marshmallow, mortification root, sweet weed, wymote A perennial, this plant grows 3-4 feet high and the stem only puts out a few lateral branches. Leaves are palmate and lobed, 3-5 inches long and fuzzy, as ...
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Litha (Pronounched LITH-ah) is a Summer Solstice celebration celebrated by many Wiccans and adherents to various branches of Anglo-Saxon Paganism and Heathenry. The name, Litha, stems from the Anglo-Saxon name for "midsummer", Līþa according to the Venerable Bede's work De temporum ratione. There are many traditions associated with the modern festival of Litha and a great deal of lore surrounding ...
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Hieros Gamos

Hieros Gamos (Greek: ιερός γάμος) or Hierogamy (ἱερογαμία) is the "sacred (or holy) Marriage" and refers to the union of God and Goddess or the combination of masculine and feminine principles. The term specifically refers to the union of Zeus and Hera but also has been used to describe the union of Demeter and Iasion and the many unions ...
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Heliotropium spp Other names: turnsole, cherry pie plant Heliotrope is the common name for many plants of the genus Heliotropium. The name heliotrope comes from the Greek meaning "The sun" and "To turn" because of the plant's perceived habit of turning toward the sun. Some Heliotrope Species Garden heliotrope Heliotropium arborenscans - ...
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Fire Sign

A fire sign is a zodiac sign that corresponds to the element of fire. These signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Fire signs tend to be impulsive and prone to sudden flashes of inspiration. They will pursue their passions with relentless enthusiasm. They are also prone to boredom and frustration and flares of temper ...
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