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Devil’s Claw

Harpagophytum spp. Devil's claw is the common name of a group of plants in the Sesame (Pedaliaceae) family of plants native to South Africa. The specific species most often mentioned in magickal and healing circles are Harpagophytum procumbens, Harpagophytum zeyheri The name devil's claw is a folk name used for several other ...
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Cyclamen spp Other Names Sowbread Cyclamen is a low-growing perennial native to the Mediterranean region and Northeast Africa where they grow as an understory plant in dry forested areas. The leaves are green, heart-shaped and variegated and generally appear in late winter, dying back in the hottest part of the summer ...
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Arctium lappa Other Names Great Burdock, lappa, Fox’s Clote, Thorny Burr, Beggar’s Buttons, Cockle Buttons, Love Leaves, Philanthropium, Personata, Happy Major, Clot-Bur, Bardona, Gobo General Information A native of Eurasia, especially England and Scotland, and an invasive weed in the United States, Burdock grows in moist waste places, ditches, and roadsides ...
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